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Tom Otstot brings over 30 years of proven executive experience, successfully leading diverse business teams in today's demanding and ever-changing environment.


With unique experience in companies both domestic and international; privately-held and public; in the areas of Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Sourcing, and Executive Management; Tom Otstot will inspire, educate and enable your group to understand the true essence of Leadership and perform at the very highest level.


"I work with aspiring Leaders who have made the decision to be worthy of Leadership."

Simple Leadership





There is a sense in our world today that we are suffering from a Leadership Deficit.

The result is a plethora of "experts" bombarding us with complex definitions and theories, further confusing us and adding the problem.


Complexity is the enemy of understanding. 

In this compelling program, Tom gives the audience the SIMPLE truth about  Leadership - the true essence of what it actually is, and how each of us can understand it and become the authentic, effective leader we aspire to be!

Soul of Leadership





The human body is designed to interact and manipulate the

physical world we live in, but...


The body cannot accomplish anything without the "Soul", the true essence of life and being itself.

In the same way, there are many strategies and techniques available to actually execute Leadership roles and tasks, but...

Nothing happens until a Leader possesses the "Soul" of Leadership.

In this thought-provoking session, Tom explains the true Dichotomy of Leadership, how theory, strategy and technique on the practical side of Leadership are only possible when the other side of the dichotomy - the Soul of Leadership - is activated.

Leadership is a Choice

(theirs, not yours!)





Leadership is about choice.

But the ultimate choice is not ours. It's theirs. We don't choose to be leaders, we can only choose to be worthy of Leadership. We do this with our decision to be selfless, to put others first, and above all to be authentically ourselves. 

Only then will others make the decision to follow. That's when true leadership is activated. 

Tom lays the groundwork for those who are ready to take that step - to become vulnerable, honest, and begin to truly give others something of unique value - themselves.


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Tom's unique "Sports Leadership" program features the principles of organizational leadership tailored specifically to sports team leadership.


From youth to high school, experience real value and leadership development presentations and programs for coaches, players, and parents.


Tom Otstot is also an experienced coach with the ability to give your sports organization a decided advantage in developing potential and skills beyond just the physical skills of any sport.

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