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Executive Speech Coaching

You've seen it before. Maybe you've experienced it before. 

The Executive gives a presentation to the board, or your team presents to the key vendors, to share the company vision, the plan, the objectives. 

And the presentation fails. Falls flat. It's boring. Repetitive. Stilted. Uninspired. Death by PowerPoint.

Fact is, you shouldn't be surprised. All the training, the MBA, the experience, accomplishments - awesome - but never did the executive team ever receive training on speaking/presenting in front of a group.

Communication is more crucial today than ever.

Don't leave it to chance. Training and Coaching is the key to ensuring your message is communicated clearly, concisely, and effectively. 

You want to "WOW" your audiences?

Invest in





remove the guesswork. 

Executive speech coaching

Speak Well - Present Well - Authentically

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Tom Otstot's Award Winning 2019 District Finals Speech Evaluation

District 3 Evaluation Contest—May 17, 2019

District 3 Evaluation Contest—May 17, 2019

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Presentation Training!

Your Presentation Skills are critical to your success, today more than at any other time in history.

The ability to effectively give a presentation in front of a group - with or without visuals - is not something we are born with, it doesn't come naturally or happen by accident.


I can teach you how to speak and connect  with an audience,  use story to make your points and deliver your core message, and create visual presentations that "wow" your audience and set you apart from everyone else.

Every client is different, and I will customize a program to fit your needs, covering everything from preparation techniques  for VIRTUAL PRESENTATIONS, as well as IN-PERSON ON-SITE PRESENTATIONS,  how to design simple and effective visuals, and tips and tricks for delivering your talk in a way that is natural yet dynamic.

 Together, we will make you...memorable. 

Speak and Present effectively and authentically, become the one-of-a-kind presenter you want to become!

Speech Coaching

I can help you.

Platform skills, techniques, speechcraft, handling anxiety - these are all teachable. And, we can work conveniently and safely VIRTUALLY through the ZOOM platform as well as in-person!

We start with the understanding the key ingredient that leads to effective speaking and presentation:


It's about YOU being YOU.


Authentically, Naturally, Effectively. 

It's about finding your own voice. And my system is ACCELERATED for your rapid progress in becoming the most effective speaker and presenter you can become!

If you really, truly, want to be an effective speaker and presenter, because you want to be someone who makes a difference, do something that actually matters, call me.


I can help.

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