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Life is about...Contribution

The older I become, the more certain I am that the purpose of life is to live a life of purpose.

Not the most profound thing ever said, but it's true. Easy to get to that, for sure.

The difficult thing is to determine what a "life of purpose" actually is. What I've come to understand, under no uncertain terms, is that a life of purpose is about...contribution.

If you truly want to feel like you are living "on purpose", contribute something. It doesn't matter what you contribute, really, it only matters that you do...contribute.

We talk ourselves out of contributing. We do this when we talk ourselves out of the idea that we each have something special about us, a special gift, something no one else has, that we can share with the world. Don't talk yourself out of it.

Whatever that something is for you, and it may be more than one something, it's special and only you have the ability to express it, to share it, to teach it, to give it.

And it doesn't have to be some great thing. In fact, it probably isn't to everyone. But it is to someone. The someone you and only you can touch.

Don't confuse small with insignificant. Contribution is not about being famous or receiving accolades or awards or achievements- the world if full of these types and many of them live feeling empty and unfulfilled anyway. It's about doing that thing that matters to you, your passion, of finding a way to get it out there, and when you do it will make a difference, and you will most certainly not feel you've lived a wasted life.

And as far as "discovering" your passion, forget it. You don't "discover" your passion. You create it. You decide. And then, the scary part, the hard part, act. But once you act, you will find that you have something special, something no one else has, and something someone else needs that no one else can provide, to make their life better. is up to you. Contribute. Or not.

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